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Chestnut  Class

Welcome to Chestnut class.


Meet the staff in Chestnut Class 

Amie Cooke - Teacher

Jane Roberts - Lead TA

Caroline Hearne - TA

Sue Pope - TA 

Hannah Wybrow - TA

This topic this term is Africa.

We will be looking at 3 different African countries: South Africa, Madagascar and Morocco. We have tried different food, learnt some African dancing and also been looking at stories from Africa.

Here are some links to the stories we are focusing on this term if you would like to watch them at home:

Handa's Surprise


Three Little Birds


We have been looking at the different kinds of animals that live in Africa, listened to African music and talked about how it is different and even looked at houses in some parts of Africa and talked about in what ways they are different and in what ways they are the same. 

We have tried lots of new foods including pomegranate, dates, cous cous, flat breads and dried apricots. We have made Madagascan fried rice and even tried our hand at making hummous. 

We are looking forward to seeing some African animals at Chessington zoo and going on safari too!