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Hillside School

"Working together as a dynamic team to provide the best for all learners"

Who makes up the Hillside Governing Body?

The current Governing Body is made up of a mixture of elected Parent Governors, Staff Governors, Co-opted Governors, the Headteacher and the Clerk to Governors.  All Governors perform the role on a voluntary basis and receive no financial reward.

 What is the role of the Governing Body?

The Governing Body is tasked with three specific duties as set down by the Government and monitored by OFSTED:

  • To determine with the Headteacher the strategic direction of the school
  • To monitor the performance of the school and that of the Headteacher, ensuring that statutory duties are met with regard to, for example, Equalities and Safeguarding.
  • To make sure the finances of the school are sound.

 How does the Governing Body carry out these duties?

The Governing Body carries out these roles in a variety of ways:

  • There are four full Governing Body meetings a year, where a variety of matters are discussed.  Sometimes there are extraordinary meetings to look at a specific topic, for example, the SEND Review.
  • There are committee meetings looking at specific areas, Curriculum/Pupils, Finance/Personnel/Premises and Health & Safety.
  • Governors look at visiting the school with 'Governor in School' days.
  • The Chair/Vice Chair hold regular talks/meetings with the Headteacher.
  • Governors undertake external training to improve their skills.

How to contact a Governor?

Initially if you have any questions or need to contact a Governor not via email, please talk to/or write to the Clerk to Governors, Anne Benfell, in the school office.  If you require more direct contact please use the email addresses below:

Rob Arbery (Chair/Parent Governor) - 

Sally Howell (Vice Chair/Co-opted Governor) - 

Claire Whitworth (Parent Governor) -

Keith Holden (Parent Governor) -

Lesley Hurst (Co-opted Governor) -

Zoe Rusbridge-Anstey (Co-opted Governor) -

Stan Pearce (Co-opted Governor) -

Shelly Bacchoo (Teacher Representative) -

Samantha Edgar (Support Staff Representative) - 

Amanda Stockford (Co-opted Governor) -